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The History of Chocolate

The word "cacao" is derived from two words in the Mayan Indian language means the juice bitter, but the word of chocolate has fallen a couple of words in the Mayan language means water and acid. Began chocolate pill cocoa, which was during the centuries mash and then eaten, and extends date chocolate for so since 2000 BC until today, and tells us the date the beginnings of this dessert Quran it is said that in 1519.

The Spanish explorer (Fernando Koretz) taste the «Cocoa», which was drink of choice for Mentzuma second last emperors Alozatkyin has noted Cortez that Alozatkyin treated cocoa beans, which make them drink the favorite and like precious jewels, they were using cocoa beans to prepare a hot drink preparing him for their leaders and call it (chocolate) any drink warm, and taste bitter so he (Cortez) Add the sugar and his men to him and returned him to Spain.

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Chocolate Effects

Chocolate: Chocolate is high nutrient value of food and energy-rich because it contains a good proportion of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex group as well as a range of essential minerals and nutrients especially iron and calcium.

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Benefits of Chocolate

Recent medical research has proved that chocolate helps reduce high blood pressure, because they contain a natural chemical compounds work to relax and expand blood vessels. The scientists at Harvard Medical School, that the chemical compounds found in cocoa beans that make up chocolate, originally known as the "flavonoid" is working to increase the production of "nitric oxide", which plays a key role in maintaining blood pressure within its normal limits, noting that these compounds antioxidant also found in cocoa and chocolate syrup and dark chocolate milk.

The researchers observed by monitoring the number of volunteers had consumed drinks cocoa regularly, while another was given low doses of aspirin and a positive change is evident in kidney function because of the improved activity of nitric oxide and the low is similar to the activity of platelets responsible for blood clotting and heart disease in both groups.

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