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Benefits of Chocolate

Recent medical research has proved that chocolate helps reduce high blood pressure, because they contain a natural chemical compounds work to relax and expand blood vessels. The scientists at Harvard Medical School, that the chemical compounds found in cocoa beans that make up chocolate, originally known as the "flavonoid" is working to increase the production of "nitric oxide", which plays a key role in maintaining blood pressure within its normal limits, noting that these compounds antioxidant also found in cocoa and chocolate syrup and dark chocolate milk.

The researchers observed by monitoring the number of volunteers had consumed drinks cocoa regularly, while another was given low doses of aspirin and a positive change is evident in kidney function because of the improved activity of nitric oxide and the low is similar to the activity of platelets responsible for blood clotting and heart disease in both groups.

Experts believe that these results demonstrate that a diet rich in certain types of chocolate, especially dark gentlemen or equivalent benefit of aspirin in patients with arterial hypertension.

1. Explained nutritionists and obesity and the treatment of pain, that the secret feeling of joy and peace of mind after eating chocolate, due to the caffeine in them which is the stimulus effective for the nervous system and an important factor to rid him of fatigue and stress Witold immediate sense of comfort and tranquility and happiness.

They said that the chocolate contains a proportion of sugar to help in raising the levels of the hormone serotonin regulating mood rights, warning that taking these kinds of sweets leads to addiction Vivtqdha body if they were deprived and suffering from a sense of frustration and depression.

On the other hand, most of the fans and lovers of chocolate to sense the need from time to time, if they ate they felt overwhelmed happy on the spot. But this feeling does not last long as followed immediately by a kind of feeling guilty because they believe in chocolate may harm their health.

Is this belief true? Dr. Vdensr atmosphere chemistry professor and an expert on chocolate at the University of Scranton that this belief is wrong for those who eat in moderation, recent studies have shown that chocolate, like some types of fruit and vegetables contain elements of anti-oxidant is very useful for health. And defines d.

Wolfensohn benefits of chocolate, saying it is:

  1. Prolong life: Studies have shown that the average age is longer than the chocolate lovers who do not eat at all.
  2. Gives a sense of happiness: Similar impact to affect the chemical, which happens to lovers of romantic love in addition to chocolate that affect areas in the brain to move on and raise high emotions and a sense of complacency.
  3. Prevention: Chocolate improves the performance of antioxidant defenses against situations of tension resulting from factors such as oxidation of air pollution, smoking and UV rumors.
  4. Prevent ulcers: Specialists have discovered that antioxidants found in chocolate comparable to those found in drugs for ulcers.
  5. Good for the heart and blood: Studies have shown some experimental animals learned that the cocoa powder to help prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol. And d indicates. Wolfensohn that some kinds of chocolate more useful than other species, Fbodrp cocoa which contains twice the amount of antioxidants of dark chocolate is the best article on the species ever, followed by chocolate Gentlemen

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