The History of Chocolate

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The History of Chocolate

The word "cacao" is derived from two words in the Mayan Indian language means the juice bitter, but the word of chocolate has fallen a couple of words in the Mayan language means water and acid. Began chocolate pill cocoa, which was during the centuries mash and then eaten, and extends date chocolate for so since 2000 BC until today, and tells us the date the beginnings of this dessert Quran it is said that in 1519.

The Spanish explorer (Fernando Koretz) taste the «Cocoa», which was drink of choice for Mentzuma second last emperors Alozatkyin has noted Cortez that Alozatkyin treated cocoa beans, which make them drink the favorite and like precious jewels, they were using cocoa beans to prepare a hot drink preparing him for their leaders and call it (chocolate) any drink warm, and taste bitter so he (Cortez) Add the sugar and his men to him and returned him to Spain.

The first brought cocoa to Spain is to Columbus after his fourth to the New World was discovered (Christopher Columbus) America in (1542 m) and brought with him a number of plants and crops farm and was thus brought with him beads dark color from Mexico, but because the ship was carrying things again, the nut cocoa totally neglected at the time did not know anything about how to use these beads to the Year (1599 m) has hidden how to make a drink of them even enjoy the nobility alone beverage delicious, and keep the Spanish secret (chocolate) for more than (100) a year, but discovered the secret eventually become commonplace Fame drink in other countries, has revealed some of the monks of the Spanish for the secret of these pills did not take too long to spread this mixture over the world.

In the middle of the sixteenth century acquired a chocolate syrup wide acclaim in France and has a French merchants opened their first shop chocolate syrup warm in London and by the seventeenth century became shops chocolate in England comparable to coffee shops in popularity, and in 1765 opened the first factory for chocolate in the colony of Massachusetts.

In (1847 AD) has pioneered an English idea of manufacturing solid chocolate to eat as we know it today. He has chemical Dutch (Cunard, the Hutton) invented the mill cocoa, thus enabling manufacturers of candy do Sweets chocolate by mixing cocoa butter with powdered sugar. In (1876 m) was added to milk chocolate in the city (Vevy) Swiss have made one of manufacturers of candy Swiss development industry Chocolate milk by adding condensed milk to the liquid chocolate, and obtained a liquid chocolate that as a byproduct is fermented meat of procedure of the grain cocoa. has Swiss also by giving the strength of fine chocolate by a process of manufacturing called «Concnj» means the form oyster vessel fermentation and old that are similar to oysters, where they mix where parts of the chocolate until it becomes soft textures. Thus, industry has evolved at the hands of Swiss chocolate and then spread the chocolate industry in the world.

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