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Since its foundation our Company has aimed to build a business based on sound human values and principles. While our Vienna Business Principles will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world, our basic foundation is unchanged from the time of the origins of our Company, and reflects the basic ideas of fairness, honesty, and a general concern for people.

Vienna is committed to the following Business Principles, taking into account local legislation, cultural and religious practices: Read More...

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Fragrant history and summary of civilization seven thousand years , and the depths of Egypt emerged brand Vienna since 1984 including high quality and excellence of their products, is prepared chocolate Vienna very carefully and with great interest and starts this interest from the primary source of which is Cocoa and choose the rest of the ingredients , where you make a combination of the finest natural raw materials full through the stages of various manufacturing -friendly requirements for quality and safety of raw materials , products and The end of the packaging means using the latest technological equipment to sell in packages elegant, collected public more than thirty product with stuffing and slips different satisfy all tastes , but a choice of forms exquisite pleasure in itself .

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