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A Family Growing Everyday

Vienna chocolate company was established in 1984, to be one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of manufacturing and packaging chocolate in the Middle East, where the company produces and sells various chocolate products for all occasions. .

The company is committed to provide various products based on its understanding of the market’s requirements and customer’s needs. Vienna introduced new products to the Egyptian market, in order to meet the different needs with high quality products and high-end packaging. Vienna products have become the ideal choice, which was reflected in its identity and the products offered.


Vienna Company is providing products that respond to the increasing market demands through highly qualified and well-trained work teams.


Our mission is to employ our 37 years of experience to reach high quality products in order to meet all our customer’s needs, that’s why we will keep using the highest technologies to cope with the constant change.


Vienna's vision is to support the Egyptian economy by providing local markets with the best products using the latest technologies and systems, achieving the highest standards of safety and the highest levels of productivity and growth through the recruitment and development of the human element that is characterized by efficiency, commitment, and effective participation in continuous improvement.


Maintaining performance is an integral part of everything we do. Therefore, we have set ambitious goals for sustainability:

  • Providing everything new in our fields.
  • Providing high quality products to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Building long lasting relationship with our customers.
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A Family Growing Everyday.